Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Snow in Spring?!

Weather reports are saying that snow is on it's way. This is not  news I want to hear in March. The weather should be bright, with breezes, warm showers and the smell of Spring; everything coming back to life. One thing's for sure; I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what the hell to wear - a sunny start to the day gets me excited, and I decide to ditch the chunky cardigan i've been living in over winter and go for a jacket, but almost every outing involves an oufit re-adjustment before leaving the premises.

I have a mental list of things I want/need for the Summer (if it ever arrives...)

1. Military Chinos, £20 @ New Look
I'm currently eyeing up this pair from New Look but I'm not going in for the purchase until the 20% offer comes in (April 9th)

2. Black Strappy Wedges, £30 @ New Look
Oh my! I have wanted some wedges like this for a while now. Orginally I was contemplating a splurge on a £65 Topshop pair but before my irrational spending could get the better of me, they sold out. These are just as good and at £30 I'm not going to argue!

3. Strappy bodycon Skirt, £15 @ Boohoo.com
I'm pretty boring when it comes to skirts. I'm not very adventurous with them. Mostly, I wear bodycon skirts and use them for layering under a long top. This is a little different with the strap-stich detail, it also has versatility -which is great if you're anything liek me and can;t stand buying things that you'll probably only wind up wearing once!

4. Cropped Top, £15 @ Topshop
I have nothing in my wardrobe this colour. That's a justifiable excuse in itself. I think it would also contrast nicely against the khaki chionos.

It may not be a large list but the season is still young. I once again have a working sewing machine! I have many ideas of what I will attempt to make (I have no idea what I'm doing) and I have already made a pair £3 primark jogging bottoms skinny and taken in a hand-me-down black velvet skirt (I like the Hocus Pocus look.

So, this summers going to be about DIY fashion! See how to make Alexander Wang Sock braces here!
Let's hope we get some sun !

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  1. This is really good!!! if only you did a mens one!!

    food for thought.... :-)