Thursday, 4 March 2010

Foundation Primers

These days you can find a primer for just about any part of your face. I'm unsure about this idea at the moment and pessimistically see it as excuse for cosmetic companies to make more money. However, I do believe using primer makes a difference to the longevity and quality of the overall look of your make-up.

The idea of a primer is to prepare the skin for make-up and is sometimes referred to as a 'base'. It aims to the complexion of the skin enabling make-up blend and hold better. It's not just good for foundations it’s also great for eye make-up and the even your lips.

So, I've found a few reasonably priced face primers.
P.S if you're looking for a primer a face serum will work just the same - so long as it is a sort of gel-like consistency and turns super soft when you apply to the skin.

1. Body Shop Antioxidant Vit. C Serum (The Body Shop Online)

Price: £12
(No ingredients derived or tested on animals)

This product does exactly what it says on the bottle. The key vitamin used in this is vitamin C which is a vitamin that your body has very little left of after a night out. This also smells really refreshing so it’s great for 'waking your skin up' the morning after. I have tried it myself and it really does make your complexion look brighter. This is great for those of us who like to enjoy a drink once in awhile but detest facing the mirror the next day.

2. Mineral Face Primer (

Price: £6

I lovelovelove this primer, I've praised it in a previous post before. Maybe it's because of the price, but after using it I have to say that I can’t find a fault with it. This is a great primer if you are looking to create the 'dewy skin' look because it leaves the skin looking moisturised but not greasy. This will suit dry/normal skin types. I'd recommend anyone interested in this product that does have quite oily skin to try dusting a light loose powder over the oiliest parts of the face.

3. GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Superdrug)

Price: £13

I like this brand, well it's the type of brand that when you’re in a shop you think ''that's cool''. I have to say that I think Gosh kohl pencil eye liner is the best I have ever used in terms of how long it lasts without smudging and gathering around the eyes. But anyway the primer!...I have not tried this product but it is probably more likely to be something you'd buy when you are doing a spot of general shopping. It's also the cheapest primer available at Superdrug.

4. Ageless Illuminating Primer

Price: Was £12 NOW £10.80

50ml I primer is great value and it's the largest amount. What makes this product different is the 'radiance' factor. I'd probably invest in this for the summer and where it alone. I imagine the product may be a light moisturiser with small shimmer pigments like you get in some make-up powders. I also think this may be a cream form, which is good if you have dry skin.

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