Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Shoes!

Lace-up boots have been HUGE this autumn/winter. The military lace-up has replaced the popular, classic ballet pump, and I was quick to put a pair on my ‘want list’. The thing is, I have decided this year that I must wear my heels more, and so I had to find an ‘in between’. Oxford style lace-up boots with chunky heels were one option, but I wanted something with more 'edge'. I remembered seeing this gorgeous pair of lace-ups from Topshop a few months ago, but by this point had sold out, so I went to my favourite shop, eBay. Here, I saw them being sold with an asking price of £110! I have no idea what the RRP was at Topshop, but I imagine they would be a bit out of my price range anyway!

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After scrolling through hundreds of boots under the search 'lace-up boots size 5' I discovered these little beauties. With a 'Buy It Now' price of £26.00 they were sold. I couldn't believe such a good replica would be so cheap. I wear them all the time with my knee-highs (if any of you have read my previous post you will see they are my new love). They are comfortable yet versatile. Definitely my best-buy of 2010 so far!

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  1. love the boots nemo :) must wear them out some time so I can see x