Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I love elf!

I bring great news to those who are looking for make-up that is not derived from animals that extremely reasonably priced. Yes, it is possible to buy cruelty-free make-up without having to decide whether to pay for this month's phone bill or new mascara. I am talking about Eyes Lips Face.

This company satisfies every make-up must you will ever need from therapeutic conditioning lip balm to mineral lip gloss. Seriously, when you see this website you will want to throw your old make-up out of the window in disgust.

I discovered the store about a week ago when I was looking for vegan make-up alternatives and after browsing through dozens of sites that were priced above my price range I was sure that only wealthy vegans could look good, and I was not going to be one of them.
(I have been vegan for 2 weeks; a decision originally made for research for an article, but now quite enjoy) After filling up several metaphorical trolleys on the website as I awaited new stock to come in, I placed an order yesterday for; Face Primer, Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm, Eye liner, Foundation, Eye shadow set and Moisturising Lip Colour.
As you can see you will probably agree that these products look good. The special studio range is particularly impressive and the wide range of mineral make-up is above and beyond the typical high street products.

Eyes Lips Face is definitely my new best friend and my no.1 source for make-up.

I will be testing and reviewing the items I have ordered, with Body Shop's make-up selection (a range I gained when I used to be a Body Shop party host).

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