Monday, 15 March 2010

High on the Knee-Highs!

I never thought I would say this but I have fallen for the knee-high sock. I am currently sat wearing a pair of 20 denier knee-highs right now, and I don’t feel like an OAP or a hooker.

I saw the potential of a knee-high sock when I looked at Rag & Bone's A/W 2010 collection. The woollen, knee-high and over-the-knee socks were incorporated into almost every look. Sometimes two pairs were layered over each other, and this collection was all about layering. Jumpers were worn around waists over trousers tucked into socks; blazers were worn over plaid shirts with woolly cropped jumpers over the top; arm warmers and coats over cardigans over jumpers over shirts over skirts over dresses. The collection was fit for arctic explorers.

Straightaway I emptied my wardrobe to find how many layers I could throw on together that would look stylish i.e. wouldn’t make me look like I had got lost in a pie shop.

Because the weather appears to be barely showing any signs of spring, reworking an autumn/winter wardrobe at technically the beginning of spring, didn’t seem so ridiculous. My plans of wearing floral dresses with ankle socks and sandals are to stay plans for some time yet. Instead I have bought a variety of pairs of trusty over the knee and knee-high socks...warm times.

(Photo credits: Elle UK)

Rag & Bone’s use of the knee-high was cool for day-to-day but Alexander Wang's A/W 2010 collection showed how over-the knee styles could be dressed-up. He somehow merged the over-the-knee sock, the leg warmer and boot-leg trouser into one. In black, these exaggerated thigh-high leg warmers clung to the models legs and draped over their heeled shoes, creating an unusual yet flattering effect. Amazingly the collection looked classy and sexy with that Wang edginess he’s oh so renowned for.

 (Photo credits: Elle UK)

 Now to explain myself; knee high socks seem to me, exude promiscuousness, you wear them for fancy dress, because that’s always an excuse to look a little well, slutty. I always thought it could be pulled off, (because after all, you wouldn’t have to go into a lingerie shop to buy them) but only by models, or celebrities (sometimes), people who were brave enough and school kids.  But I have to say that after seeing a paparazzi picture of Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen wearing a white shirt with suspenders  (to say it upset me is an understatement), the knee high sock looked as innocent and practical as a pop-sock. Before this, I feared that if I were to wear knee-high socks, I would look tramp-ish and people would think I was a 'lady of the night'.  After seeing that monstrosity of an outfit praised for its 'individuality', I became less fearless about what my neighbours might think about my outfit, and if worn sensibly, I wouldn't get arrested.

So if you don’t want to look like a hooker, keep the suspenders out of public view and don the knee-high socks instead, but for goodness sake wear them with clothes that cover your bottom.

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