Saturday, 20 March 2010

Angry, Impulsive Shopping

I received my phone bill today and I was not impressed. I recently haggled my way up the mobile phone tree and upgraded to an awesome htc hero but only under the under the conditions that I would be given unlimited internet usage for free. Well, I should have know it sounded too good to be true because my phone bill told me that I had been charged for internet usage by the megabyte! Luckily, I do not have direct debit and I shall be having some serious words with them on Monday.

This news made me a bit cross so; on a slow Saturday with nothing else better to do I decided to look for weird stuff on eBay. My hours wasted browsing resulted in a purchase of a Red Indian feather fancy dress head band for £1.95 free p&p, and a hard rock cafe T-shirt for £2.99 inc postage. Don’t ask me why I spend to make myself feel better, but I do need T-shirts and I have been to Barcelona Hard Rock Cafe so it's kind of a souvenir and well... who doesn’t need an Red Indian headband!!?
(Barcelona Hard Rock Cafe pictured above [flikr])

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