Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Get the Chloe spring/summer look for less!

If you like the outdoors and you like fashion you should look to Chloe this summer for inspiration. The safari browns, and military greens of the collection  made the looks look effortless and laid back - you would think the models had just been backpacking around South America! The classic cuts like the denim and linen shirts and the jackets were adjusted to give the collection an 'edge' without being hard to wear.
What I really love about this collection, is how the looks could easily be recreated on a lower budget.

 Photo credit: elleuk

I've found a few key pieces for recreating this look for less.

I managed to find a great selection of clothes for this look, at Uniqlo (who are currently having a huge sale). Uniqlo is store that doesn't really do cutting edge fashion, and it doesn't have a huge amount of choice - but it does have great quality, classic clothes.

A classic shirt is a must. This premium linen safari shirt (1) at just £14.99 is a bargain. It's also available in white and well - every girl needs a white shirt in their wardobe....

I chose a classic pair of beige chino's (2) I found these in New Look for £20 (I already have my eye on the very same pair in khaki).  A beige pair of chino's has the longevity of surviving more than one season and can easily be brought into your usual outfit rotation.

If you live in Britain I don't need to explain how important a mac is in summer. A mac is every girl's necessity, and the farmer-esque examples in Chloe's collection got me all exited about everyones favourite dress-up time .... festivals!!! This mac (3), just £6.99 from Uniqlo, has the staple classic colour - it's not as hefty as a parker but it's not as awful as a kagool. It's just right.

Leather and PUC shorts are looking hot for this autumn/winter but Chloe went for a tight hot-pant style in their summer collection. These can be re-worked if you found a pair of shiny hot-pant/shorts. However I'm not that daring (at least not bare legged)- and so i'd stick to a more versatile satin pair that would work throughout the seasons in day and night. I found this great pair at, again from Uniqlo, (4) for £19.99. I love the wide leg shape and the flattering draping detail.

Here's the a video courtesy or Youtube of the Chloe S/S 2010 collection to inspire you...


  1. I really like the shorts, i think they are a key item for the summer wardrobe, and they are very affordable at that! Especially during the festival season i wouldn't be seen dead without my shorts! The neutral colours are great as they go with everything too!

  2. The mac is gorgous! And at a bargain price, 6.99 is a steal! Ideal for festivals, and rainy days in the summer.. which are quite often with this lovely british weather!