Sunday, 11 April 2010

My new love: peruvian necklaces

You know when you flick through glossy mags, and fashion websites, and you see jewellery that's little more interesting and most of the time a lot more expensive to the that on the high street, and you just wonder - why is it so hard to find jewelry pieces that have a certain 'sass' ?

Now I'm not talking about the beach jewelry that you buy in holiday when you're feeling like a surfer and get home to find you have no clothes or surroundings that match. I'm talking about the the look fo the jewellery - Silvers, gold, stones, gems, detail that doesn't look generic.

Well, i think i've found it. I was looking around the net for some hand made silver jewellery and I discovered a style of necklace 'Alpaca' inspired and made in Peru. I then went on to my cyberspace heaven - ebay- and typed in 'Alpaca necklace' and I was given 848 necklaces to browse through. I was happy to see that if you wanted - you could also buy them directly from Peru with shipping costing around £6. Prices range from 99p - £25 (unless you plan on buying wholesale), which is amazing - Obviously at this prices it is not real silver but you're likely to get one for the same price you'd pay for a neclace from the high street - except this necklace will make your outfit a whole lot more unique.

I could quite happily buy ten of and never need to buy another necklace again. Of course It would be wrong of me to write this post without bidding or buying one, or two or three... So bidded I have done.

(I don't know why the necklaces are called 'Alpaca' but this is what real alpaccas in Peru look like for those who were not wondering)

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  1. Hot tip! I'll definitely be ebaying Peruvian necklaces asap. I can totally see these being sold at Urban Outfitters for $40!

    xx FujiFiles