Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tattoo Tights

When Chanel's models walked down the catwalk showcasing Karl Largerfield's Spring/Summer collection it was a fresh surprise to see the use of temporary tattoos.              

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The temporary tattoo's were available to buy but have since sold out (unless you venture to eBay) and would have set you back £100+. 

That's a lot more than the 20p temporary tat's I used to buy as a kid from the supermarket! Well, if you don't have the money to spend on temporary tattoos - don't reach for a biro pen - try out some tattoo tights before attempting to DIY!

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 There are many different designs and colours out there. I've picked out a few of what I think are the hottest pairs to wear right now!

1. Jonathan Aston @ John Lewis, £12                       

2., £9.60

3. Bebaroque tights @ Lilywigglesworth, £25.20

 4. Jonathan Aston @ MyTights, £12

5. Sherry Ann @, £6.99

The selection at itsocks is where i'll be going to pick out my pair - there's so much choice!
Hope this has helped anyone who has been looking for a pair!


  1. I loved the selection from itsocks.. couldnt help but buy 5 pairs.. slight impulse buy, but never mind you can never have too many tights right!!

  2. now I can look like rihanna without it being permanent!

  3. ive been looking for an original pair of tights for winter, will check these out. awesome post!

  4. great blog, I love the choice at will buy lots from here in the future. I checked out the dragon tattoo tights, bliss bliss bliss